My jewellery basically mirrors me and my loves.

It is an eclectic mix stemming from my love of vintage and my yearning for the simpler things in life.

As a keen maker and creator as child, it has been so therapeutic and cathartic as an adult to be able to get back to what I love.

There is a sense of nostalgia with my work. It's apparent in the images I use for the laser cut wood collection and the hand painted porcelain figurine necklaces. It's the roots from which my jewellery began, and follows through to today. The brass collection grew from its original vintage feel to a modern and minimal aesthetic. I feel all the collections work well with one another in this way.

I love the juxtaposition of placing the old alongside the new. My home and my lifestyle clearly express this passion.

The thrill for me is not only in the making, or brainstorming of ideas, but also in seeing peoples faces light up! The vintage collection often conjures up past memories from childhood for some. To be able to catch that moment of joy in someone's eyes is really quite something.

Please feel free to contact me here:

+44 7980 899906