Metal Jewellery Care:

All metals including silver and gold will naturally patina over time and at differing degrees on different skins.

To best look after your piece:

- keep in the box provided when not being worn. Air, and specifically the moisture in the air oxidises metals (including silver and gold) which makes the metal darken/patina.

- don't wear for extensive periods of time as body sweat will make metals tarnish. - don't wear to bed, swimming, sauna, exercising as chemicals will corrode the metal, and sweat will darken the metal quicker.

- always put on your jewellery last thing when getting ready. Body lotions and perfumes will discolour and damage it.

- as long as you haven't exposed your jewellery to chemicals such as the ones above, you can bring back the original colour and shine by using a little brass/silver polish or just a little washing up liquid, warm water and a non-abrasive cloth. Make sure the jewellery is always fully dry after cleaning.

Plated items have a shorter shelf life than say sterling silver or gold, so if you would like something to last you a lifetime, I would recommend my gold-filled and sterling silver chains and pendants!


Wood Jewellery Care:

The lasercut wood pieces have a paper image strongly applied to the wood which I then spray a water resistant lacquer on top to protect from light rain, however it is advised to not get these pieces wet if you can help as this may cause damage to the piece.


Porcelain Jewellery Care:

Porcelain is highly breakable, like glass so avoid dropping or knocking on hard surfaces. Keep in it original box when not being worn as this will protect it from knocks and bumps with other things.